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Cliff Out is a source for mountain biking, climbing, hiking, backpacking, canyoneering and traveling tips, trip reports, gear reviews and inspiration.

The term “Cliff Out” refers to route finding while on a mountain or in a canyon and coming to a ledge, and a perception, that there are no other options than to turn around.

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How to migrate WordPress to AWS

I finally decided to check out AWS. Something I wish I had done years ago but that's ok, here we are. This post is being done on my new free tier instance and I'm really just testing to see if the DNS updates I made have taken effect yet. But here's something useful: onepagezen.com has super clear directions on how to migrate your wordpress site to AWS. Check it out - https://www.onepagezen.com/migrate-wordpress-aws/

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Trail Conditions

A collection of the most up to date trail conditions I can find for various areas around Colorado, Utah and Wyoming: Colorado Fort Collins: https://gisweb.fcgov.com/Html5Viewer/Index.html?viewer=trail%20status Boulder/Lyons: https://bouldermountainbike.org/content/trails/conditions Trestle Bike Park: https://www.trestlebikepark.com/trail-report.html Crested Butte: https://crestedbuttemountainbike.com/trail-information/trail-report/ Durango: https://www.trails2000.org/trail-conditions/ Wyoming Curt Gowdy: https://www.trailforks.com/region/curt-gowdy-state-park/status/ Utah Moab: https://poisonspiderbicycles.com/moab-mtb-trail-conditions/      

Honeymooning in Costa Rica – Day 13 David’s Place in Quepos

Honeymooning in Costa Rica - Day 13 David's Place in Quepos Our time at the all inclusive Flamingo Resort is over, but checkout isn't until noon, so we will get one more omelette, one more chiliguaro and one more shower. We bought a few gifts from Cecilia on the beach. All of the beaches in Costa Rica are public and there are many entrepreneurs parked right out front of the hotel. We messaged our host in Quepos, David, that we would be arriving around 6pm and Chelsey took the wheel. We made one stop for Casados and banos. While we were eating we noticed the tree above was moving slightly. Hundreds of leaf cutter ants. We checked our seats and checked our feet needless to say. No ants, let's hit the road. The highway to Quepos is one lane. If there is an accident, and there were two, traffic stops [...]

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Honeymooning in Costa Rica – Days 11 & 12 Flamingo Resort

Honeymooning in Costa Rica - Days 11 & 12 Flamingo Resort I've been catching up on blogging with our downtime by the pool. Not much has happened the past few days, the typical resort activities, swim up bars, swimming in the ocean and coming back to hot showers. The food is fantastic and the pizza bistro has gluten free pasta for Chelsey. We have one more day of resort life then we head to Quepos for our last 3 nights and I think we are both ready. A girl's high school soccer team from the US is here with their obnoxious drunk parents shouting Pura Vida at the swim up bar every time they get a refill. We did meet a nice couple from Chicago, Karen and John, who shared lychee fruit with us at the pool. So far other than a few mosquito, spider and fire ant bites we [...]

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Honeymooning in Costa Rica – Day 10 Coco Loco 4th of July

Honeymooning in Costa Rica - Day 10 Coco Loco 4th of July We woke up in our warm humid Cabina Blanca and packed up for our trip to Quepos, 5 hours south. We ate more left overs on the roof and said goodbye to Azuzu the cat. We didn't realize how far Quepos was and wanted to get there by 5:30pm for the 4th of July party on the marina. As we left town I realized we were almost out of gas so we opted to turn around and head towards Tamarindo where we knew there was a gas station. By this point we knew we would not make it to Quepos in time for the start of the party and started toying around with the idea of rearranging our trip. Quepos is 5 hours south, Puerto Jimenez is another 5 hours south and the hall back to San Jose [...]

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Honeymooning in Costa Rica – Day 9 Catamaran

Honeymooning in Costa Rica - Day 9 Catamaran We woke up with the sun around 6am and couldn't fall back asleep because of humidity and temperature. It wasn't horrible but we figure we'd get an early start. After a quick cold shower we heated left over pollo Casado and had that with orange juice on the roof with the resident iguana and cat who Chelsey named azucar, or azuzu for short. Azuzu befriended us after some chicken skin treats. Emma from Carpe Diem had booked us a tour with Panache Catamaran Tours today. We drove to the edge of Protrero beach and paid a local the "required" $4 to watch our car and the other local wearing a Panache shirt $60 per person for the tour. The tour starts with surrendering your shoes and taking a long boat to the actual catamaran. The Catamaran is very nice with 3 bathrooms, [...]

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