MTB Project: White Ranch: Technical Decent Tour

Google Maps: White Ranch Lower Parking Lot

Miles: 11.2 – Ascent: 2,264′ – Low: 6,147′ – High: 7,885′

Parking at the lower lot of the White Ranch Open Space outside of Golden CO you will roll through the “ash tray”, a sandy rock garden. Gear up and try not to lose momentum or you’ll be walking. It’s just a short shit show though. Begin your accent up Belcher hill. There are several sets of stairs on this route and wooden planks that are very ride-able when dry. Immediately after the first stair/plank we saw this bobcat checking us out. This is only the second bobcat I’ve seen on Colorado trails in 15 years of riding.

The climb is relentless and doesn’t give up but the terrain is fairly solid packed dirt with a few loose rocks. Continue following signs for Belcher, passing up turn offs until you roll through a secluded hike in camp ground. You’ll know you’ve arrived when the punishment stops and the climbing plateaus (however every ride I’ve ever been on has more climbing after the “top” and this is no exception). There are two loops from the top that make up the Technical Decent Tour. Today we skipped the Mustang “left” loop because the amount of big smooth rocks and stair/planks. In this wet weather those were broken collar bones waiting to happen.

The DH is pretty flowy filled with choice lines, drops and banked berms. Dropper post were made for this trail system! You will love your dropper post and should probably take it out for a beer after words to say thank you. This ride reminds me of Bobcat Ridge crossed with some high mountain trail like Monarch Pass. Enjoy the descents and take in the views! The trail is heavily traveled so you will have plenty of opportunities when you politely let uphill riders suffer past you.