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Best MS DNS/DHCP guide to fixing duplicate records

https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/askpfe/2011/06/03/how-dns-scavenging-and-the-dhcp-lease-duration-relate/ The Scenario Consider the following simplified scenario. DHCP A DHCP scope has its lease duration set to the default 8 days. The DHCP scope is low on available IP addresses. Client-A has NOT renewed its IP address lease in 8 days, so it has expired. Client-B is requesting a new IP address. The DHCP server assigns Client-B the address that was leased to Client-A. So far so good.  This is a very typical scenario and everything works as we would expect.  Now let’s add DNS into this story. DNS An Active Directory integrated DNS zone is set to scavenge stale resource records. The defaults are used; “No Refresh = 7 days” and “Refresh = 7 days”. The server defaults are used as well; “Scavenging Period = 7 days”. Client-A renewed its DNS record 8 days ago (the last time its DHCP lease was updated as well). Client-A is the [...]

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Export VMs to csv

Get-SCVirtualMachine | Select-object Name,CPUCount,MemoryAssignedMB,TotalSize,Location,VMHost,HasVMAdditions,IsHighlyAvailable | Sort-Object -Property Name | Export-Csv .\vm-list.csv  

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How to migrate WordPress to AWS

I finally decided to check out AWS. Something I wish I had done years ago but that's ok, here we are. This post is being done on my new free tier instance and I'm really just testing to see if the DNS updates I made have taken effect yet. But here's something useful: onepagezen.com has super clear directions on how to migrate your wordpress site to AWS. Check it out - https://www.onepagezen.com/migrate-wordpress-aws/

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Trail Conditions

A collection of the most up to date trail conditions I can find for various areas around Colorado, Utah and Wyoming: Colorado Fort Collins: https://gisweb.fcgov.com/Html5Viewer/Index.html?viewer=trail%20status Boulder/Lyons: https://bouldermountainbike.org/content/trails/conditions Trestle Bike Park: https://www.trestlebikepark.com/trail-report.html Crested Butte: https://crestedbuttemountainbike.com/trail-information/trail-report/ Durango: https://www.trails2000.org/trail-conditions/ Wyoming Curt Gowdy: https://www.trailforks.com/region/curt-gowdy-state-park/status/ Utah Moab: https://poisonspiderbicycles.com/moab-mtb-trail-conditions/