Honeymooning in Costa Rica – Day 10 Coco Loco 4th of July

We woke up in our warm humid Cabina Blanca and packed up for our trip to Quepos, 5 hours south. We ate more left overs on the roof and said goodbye to Azuzu the cat. We didn’t realize how far Quepos was and wanted to get there by 5:30pm for the 4th of July party on the marina. As we left town I realized we were almost out of gas so we opted to turn around and head towards Tamarindo where we knew there was a gas station. By this point we knew we would not make it to Quepos in time for the start of the party and started toying around with the idea of rearranging our trip. Quepos is 5 hours south, Puerto Jimenez is another 5 hours south and the hall back to San Jose airport is not looking appealing. We decided to cancel our lodge in Puerto Jimenez, cancel our night in San Jose, move our Quepos nights to the end of the trip and book 3 nights at the all inclusive resort in Playa Flamingo. It feels good knowing we don’t have at least 20 hours of driving in the next week. We had time to walk all of Playa Conchal where we met another dog who we named Theo.

Theo met us again at the north end of Playa Conchal where we bought street tacos from a family cooking out of a drum. Corn tortillas with chicken meat, cabbage, mayo, ketchup and chilies. It was $2 deliciousness. We headed to the hotel for a hot shower, some drinks and dinner.

We’re glad we didn’t book a resort for the entire trip but also glad we get 3 nights of all inclusiveness. The hot shower, air conditioning and coco locos are much appreciated.