Honeymooning in Costa Rica – Day 13 David’s Place in Quepos

Our time at the all inclusive Flamingo Resort is over, but checkout isn’t until noon, so we will get one more omelette, one more chiliguaro and one more shower. We bought a few gifts from Cecilia on the beach. All of the beaches in Costa Rica are public and there are many entrepreneurs parked right out front of the hotel. We messaged our host in Quepos, David, that we would be arriving around 6pm and Chelsey took the wheel. We made one stop for Casados and banos. While we were eating we noticed the tree above was moving slightly. Hundreds of leaf cutter ants. We checked our seats and checked our feet needless to say. No ants, let’s hit the road.

The highway to Quepos is one lane. If there is an accident, and there were two, traffic stops until a traffic cop can make it to the scene to assess the damage. This took hours. Costa Rica has several micro climates and when you drive an hour or a few hours you get to watch them change pretty quickly, or slowly depending on traffic.

We messaged our host and let him know we were running late because of the accidents and he said he would leave the key in the room. We stopped at a super market to get cereal, milk, pina, mango and wine. Breakfast supplies for our early start tomorrow and wine to celebrate not being one of the accidents on the way to Quepos. The Airbnb app allows you to quickly do 3 things, get coordinates, message your host and call your host. Optionally your host can provide a check in guide that explains the details of navigating, any parking details, or gate codes, alternate phone numbers, key locations, etc. Our Quepos host provides no additional info so we followed the coordinates and they led us to a locked gate on a steep road on the edge of Quepos. I called David and he seemed annoyed and told me he had no idea where I was but to try searching for the Raindrop Spa, which I did, and it lead us to the gated community he was in. So far so good. The guard didn’t speak English and his Spanish was not very clear but we got the idea to go strait passed the first turn then stay to the right. I called David again and he didn’t answer. We read in the reviews that the road was really steep. It was one of those moments on a crazy steep road that you realize your car can’t go any further and you can’t turn around and that you gotta reverse it. About half way down we went from a controlled decent to a partially controlled slide and then the car started to rotate and dragged along the wall until we came to a stop near the bottom. The wall was covered with a thick layer of decaying Palm and didn’t do any damage that you could tell! I checked my phone and saw three messages from David “I’m standing in the rain” “where are you” “where are you”. I call him and he answers. I tell him we are parked at the bottom of the second steep hill and he begins to yell about how there are hundreds of hills and why didn’t I just follow his directions. Then a little white car slides to a stop behind us. I get out of the car assuming it’s him. He gets out and I apologize for the confusion. This is where the communication really breaks down, he begins to cuss me out for wasting his time and getting lost. I was pretty proud of myself after the fact for not reciprocating or escalating and just told him we would follow him. We park on another steep hill and he proceeds to cuss at me and I told him we would just stay the night and leave in the morning. “Why don’t you just go find another place to stay” he suggest. “David, I’m sorry we are late but we were given no directions and GPS took us to the wrong place. We’ll get a hotel”. He then insist “Well you are already here let me at least show you around” It continued to be weird, he acted like a normal accommodating service provider then would go Dr Jekyll out of no where. For example, he pointed at the bed and said “Here’s your bed. Oh look the flowers are dead!” And wads them up and threw them outside. I stopped trying to reason with him and thanked him and told him the place looked very nice and walked him to the door, locked it.  He drove away and we decided that we would stay the night and decide how to proceed tomorrow since we had to get up at 6am for our tour in the morning. And queue the wine.