Honeymooning in Costa Rica – Day 4 El Salto

Another easy going morning (2 in a row so far!) and another gourmet home cooked breakfast with delicious coffee. Chelsey is a natural cook and loves to add variety and detail to the dish. A bowl of fresh cut papaya and mango, eggs over easy, spicy chorizo, rice and refried black beans with avajada (a salty crumbly cheese) and her signature card, grilled corn tortillas. On a side note, Marisa, the daughter of our hostess, Marlene in Liberia, had recommended we pick up avajada for quesadillas. We found a cheese shop and ended up buying about a pound of it and a 30 stack of corn tortillas. We had a minor crisis when we realized we had used all of the hot sauce the night before but thankfully the grocery store is 2 minutes away and we bought the grande bottle this time. Sitting on the patio enjoying our meal, Chelsey was reading and I was transferring photos from the waterproof camera to the iPad… We both felt like we were wasting time and we had somewhere to be. So much so that we talked about it and decided that there should be a good balance while on vacation. Have a plan and a purpose for the day but relax and take things as they come.

It was already 1pm so with our bags packed the day before and our bathing suits relatively dry we decided to check out the local swimming hole, El Salto. 2 km up the road is a bridge crossing for Fortuna Rio. A lady sells pineapple, mango, avocado and coconut water at the pull off. It seems to be a pretty popular place. We hiked down and there are three local boys going cirq de sol on this rope swing into the river. Swinging out upside down, into a backflip. Swinging out two at a time. Synchronized flips into the falls. And then they insisted we join them. Obviously I wanted to but this river was moving and the rope system was not S.E.R.E.N.E.  That said….

The boys were really nice and wanted to show us the best way to use the swing. After I surfaced from my first jump they called me over to the far side of the river where a tree trunk is lodged in the falls and speaking only in excited Spanish, motioned for me to jump under it. What I wanted to say was “Show me, you first” but since I’m still learning and hanging on to this log in the middle of the river in the middle of the jungle I said “Su pronto!” He dove into the base of the fall and disappeared. 30 seconds later a hand poked through the water fall and I jumped in. There was barely room for two people on the ledge behind the fall and he helped me up. “Como te llamos?” I asked. “Jose, y tu?” He replied.  “Jesse” We shook hands.  At least I remembered that. I wish I knew Spanish and if I could redo high school knowing that I’d have all these opportunities to use it I would’ve enjoyed that class much more. It’s still fun to practice now and listen to Chelsey converse with locals. We spent hours jumping from the rope and the rocks into Rio Fortuna.

While we waded through the river downstream from El Salto thunder began to roll in the distance. The humidity began to increase noticeably but the water currant stayed the same. Having been stranded in a flash flood in Utah 5 years ago and being called out of La Fortuna falls yesterday we headed back to the car. It poured rain the rest of the day and most of the night.