Honeymooning in Costa Rica – Day 6 Potrero

Time to head to the west coast. We were going to try and SUP on lake Arenal through a rental company called Tico Wind. GPS took us down a muddy road that seemed less traveled the further down we got. By luck we passed two local that were taking a break from the heat and told us it was closed until November. So we continued to follow GPS to our next Airbnb with Adam and Harriet at the Yoga Sancuary in Potrero. Good ol GPS took us on what we would later find out is referred to as the “monkey road”. Complete with ruts and river crossings. When we got to town we stopped at Carpe Diem coffee shop and Emma the owner told us about the newly paved road and was impressed that we took the monkey road.

Emma is from Belgium and just opened the coffee shop in Potrero a month ago. She told us that she met a local in town and decided to stay in Costa Rica for him. They later broke up so she got her own place and decided to open her own business. Every time I meet a non local I want to hear their story. How they ended up where they are now. After coffee and smoothies we went to the Sanctuary to meet Adam and Harriet our next host. Adam purchased the property 8 years ago, it was a boutique hotel opened in the wrong place at the wrong time he said. He has been fixing up the rooms and rents most of them out to other expats and his wife Harriet has turned the old restaurant into an open air yoga studio. Harriet took us to our room and explained that it has been blessed. She uses crystals and smudge sticks to align the energy in the room and they have use a device that is supposed to reduce RF and EM, sort of like a white noise machine for energy. I’m not sure how effective any of that is for my chakra but the space is very peaceful, the room smelled wonderful and the RF blocker must be working because the wifi sucks 😉

We went to the ocean because it was so close and watched pelicans fish with the locals. Potrero is a super small fishing village and the locals stand as far out in the water as they can and cast lines and nets while the pelicans dive bombed around them. Playa Potrero is a black sand beach and has a fair amount of trash and a lot of stray dogs. We named one of them Carl and threw sticks for him while we walked. On the way back we stopped at the market to get tortillas, eggs and Chelsey’s new beverage of choice, alo water, and she insisted we get Carl some dog food so we did. But when we got outside Carl was already off to the next stick.