Honeymooning in Costa Rica – Day 7 Playa Flamingo

Today began with eggs, avocado, mango, howler monkeys and yoga. Time is loosely defined in Costa Rica but yoga starts at 10am sharp at the Sanctuary. So far all three of our Airbnb beds have been much more firm than I’m used to but I think my body is getting used to them, I slept great last night. The stoves also take some time to get used to and this morning we had overhard eggs. Partially because of the wonky stove but also because the fresh eggs look different when they cook, they still look completely raw when they are overeasy. After breakfast we hear screaming on the back patio, Chelsey thought it was children and I thought it must be howler monkeys! I had read on Airbnb reviews that they sound like screams so I had an idea and right there were two adults and two adolescents. The adults were howling and the adolescents curiously approached us. They must have come for the last of the ripe mangos.

Harriet came up the stairs while we were taking pictures of the monkeys and trying desperately to feed them mango slices and told us yoga was starting now. We went down to the studio which was the old restaurant and grabbed our mats. She supplies all of the traditional yoga supplies like blocks, straps, pillows and eye bags but also has your pick a card. The card has a picture of a stone/crystal and the meaning of the stone. I drew amber which is for healing and clarification. She then gave me a large piece of amber to place at the foot of my mat. The class was extremely soothing and involved light stretches mostly while laying down. There were multiple times where Harriet came through and used oils or balms and provided a quick shoulder or scalp massage. The most relaxing yoga class I’ve ever attended. They also own 5 dogs, 3 of which joined us for yoga.

We spent some time in pool and saw green parakeets that looked like the love birds you see in pet stores, mariposas and millipedes. Chelsey was all about the millipedes. We decided today was a planless day and that we would just head down to Playa Flamingo for lunch dinner and beach. Lunch was served out of a family beach house which is custom. More dogs and more time to do nothing while we waited for fresh food.

The bugs are stealthy and we both have got dozens of bites that we aren’t sure what bit us. There is a farmacia in Playa Flamingo that we stopped at to by some Benadryl gel. On the way out Chelsey saw an ice cream stand and I wasn’t going to argue with that. In addition to traditional ice cream they had booze infused and ice cream cookie sandwhiches. I asked Robert, the Caribbean man behind the counter, if he owned the shop and he said a couple from Canada did. Tomorrow night we stay in Playa Conshal with a Canadian couple name Kim and Tim. There’s no way these two pieces of information are related right?? Wrong!! I asked if Kim and Tim owned the ice cream shop. “Oh yes Miss Kim and Tim are wonderful people” Robert said in his fabulous Caribbean accent. It gets weirder. He proceeds to tell us that he moved to Costa Rica with his wife and it didn’t work out and then years later he met the perfect woman who he is married to now. We all agreed that it’s not our plan it’s life’s plan. It was a good thing we bought the Benadryl because during that short time I must have been standing on a swarm of fire ants and my feet were in pain. The bottom of my feet, in between my toes, around my ankles. I have not felt pain like that. I doused my feet in the Benadryl and then covered them in bug spray and it just made it worse. I thought that the salt water might help so we went across the street to Playa Flamingo and ran into possibly the most gorgeous beach I’ve ever been to. Miraculously the pain began to disappear and we spent the next few hours playing in the waves and were treated to an equally miraculous sunset.

When we got home Hannah and Hector were hanging out in the yoga area and we had some laundry to do. Hannah and Hector are doing work away, working for Adam and Harriet in exchange for lodging. We spent the night chatting with them, reading, blogging and talking about moving to Costa Ric while the dogs slept around the space.