Honeymooning in Costa Rica – Day 8 Diamanté Ecological Park

The Today we decided that 2 nights at one place isn’t enough. 3 nights is good and 4 is just right. But we were ambitious and wanted to see it all so today we left the Sanctuary. Everyone here has been living together for at least the last month and there is a strong community vibe. They do a family dinner every Sunday and all chip in around the facility. We exchanged contact info and said our goobyes. Harriet wanted to walk us out to the car and wish us safe travels. She was about to burst and had to tell us something. “Guess what!?” she exclaimed. “Adam and I are pregnant!!” She almost cried she was so happy. It was wonderful to share that moment and we really wished we could stay longer and celebrate with them.

Harriet had recommended Diamante Ecological Park to see a sloth so that’s where we were headed today. They are an ecological adventure park, so they are similar to a zoo in that they have animals they are breeding and rehabilitating but they also have zip lines, paddle boarding and local cuisine. Since there is always a high chance of rain we decided to reserve zip lining for the morning. The park sits in a large cove surrounded by jungle mountains and ocean. When you arrive you’ll quickly notice what sounds like a small airplane or drone noise above. If you look up you should notice two dots moving across the sky. This is arguably the main attraction, the super man zip line.

 The zip line network starts at the tallest mountain in the park and sends you over 1 mile to the next tower while you are suspended in a sturdy hammock. I was impressed with the knowledge, skill and safety the staff employed. In addition to the zip line equipment you are always connected with a PSA (personal anchor system) that attaches your harness to the zip line cable. Chelsey was pretty nervous about the superman zip line. They have you lay down in the “hammock” and attach it to your harness and then to the cable while you are supported on what looks like a massage table. Then you are extended over the edge and they hold you by your feet and with no warning they just let you go. It feels like you are flying above the mountain side for a few minutes before you finally reach the breaking system on the other end.

After 3 more short and easy zip lines you finish with a suspension bridge over the crocodiles. This part is super cheesey but still a lot of fun and you end up in the animal preserve. We got to see the many poisonous snakes Costa Rica has to offer, three kinds of toucans, ocelots ( aka fox eared a-hole) and murays and the Costa Rican icon, the sloth!

We opted for the full package which is $98 per person and includes the zip lines, Eco park, lunch and drinks, and water activities. We had wanted to go SUPing at Lake Arenal but it was closed for the season so we tried SUPing in the ocean at the base of the Eco park. It’s more difficult than SUPing on the lake because of the waves and the tide. I’m glad we got to try SUPing as part of this package instead of purchasing it ala cart because it’s not the chill lake floating we are used to. I think if there were some waves to ride it would be worth it but we still had fun and it was really nice to cool off.

We drove back across the monkey road and through several other sloppy dirt roads to our next Airbnb in Playa Conchal. I was excited for this stay because I had heard how nice Playa Conchal was. Our host Kim met us at the gate because we had trouble finding it in the dark. Show showed us our quaint room “Cabina Blanca” and showed us the dehumidifier and the raid. It was a very basic room, white washed walls, white sheets, microwave and fridge and a cold shower. The white was welcoming but also made it easy to spot every insect.  We opened the windows that had no screens, turned on the fan and tried not to touch each other as well asleep because it was too hot and humid to tolerate someone else’s body heat.