Honeymooning in Costa Rica – Day 9 Catamaran

We woke up with the sun around 6am and couldn’t fall back asleep because of humidity and temperature. It wasn’t horrible but we figure we’d get an early start. After a quick cold shower we heated left over pollo Casado and had that with orange juice on the roof with the resident iguana and cat who Chelsey named azucar, or azuzu for short. Azuzu befriended us after some chicken skin treats.

Emma from Carpe Diem had booked us a tour with Panache Catamaran Tours today. We drove to the edge of Protrero beach and paid a local the “required” $4 to watch our car and the other local wearing a Panache shirt $60 per person for the tour. The tour starts with surrendering your shoes and taking a long boat to the actual catamaran. The Catamaran is very nice with 3 bathrooms, 4 beds a covered area and two mesh areas up front that are suspended over the water. Another long boat comes and 20 more passengers board. There are about 40 passengers and 4 crew members and it felt like plenty of room. Roy, the first mate and dive masters starts serving drinks and we begin trolling into the bay.

Our first wild life encounter is two sea turtles mating followed by 5 dolphins that swim around and under the catamaran. The couple we are sitting next to, Dana and Dee, just got married last Saturday too in Windsor and are from Denver. We also meet a family from California with an 8 year old son, Dimetre, who reminded me of myself when I was his age traveling with my parents to Costa Rica. The crew raised the sails but it was mainly for show because the motors were still running and powering us towards the cove where we were going to snorkel.

They handed out pool noodles and we followed Roy to the rocks where he pulled up spiny starfish, sea cucumbers and even an octopus. Chelsey got to hold the octopus and it inked them 6 times. Back on the boat we had wraps and rice and beans. They had a gluten free rice wrap for Chelsey which we called ahead for. They even had it in it’s own container which was super thoughtful. While we were eating it started to rain and then pour. All 40 of us were crowded under the covered area.

 The rain stopped and in the distance we were headed towards some massive lightning clouds. We kind of gave up on getting a sunset and accepted the wall of rain. We only got a little more rain and the storm quickly moved south. The sun began to set and the storm clouds lit up. Dimetre and his friend joined us on top of the catamaran for the awesome sunset.