Honeymooning in Costa Rica – Days 11 & 12 Flamingo Resort

I’ve been catching up on blogging with our downtime by the pool. Not much has happened the past few days, the typical resort activities, swim up bars, swimming in the ocean and coming back to hot showers. The food is fantastic and the pizza bistro has gluten free pasta for Chelsey. We have one more day of resort life then we head to Quepos for our last 3 nights and I think we are both ready. A girl’s high school soccer team from the US is here with their obnoxious drunk parents shouting Pura Vida at the swim up bar every time they get a refill. We did meet a nice couple from Chicago, Karen and John, who shared lychee fruit with us at the pool.

So far other than a few mosquito, spider and fire ant bites we have avoided any real damage, but on our second night at the resort my ear started to hurt. I woke up with a small amount of blood and fluid in my left ear and a sharp pain in my jaw. Luckily we knew of a pharmacia within walking distance from the Flamingo Resort that we had visited a few days ago to get the Alergel. The pharmacist spoke perfect English and showed us a bottle of ear drops that had a painkiller and antibiotics. “3 drops, twice a day, for 5 days. If that doesn’t work you will need to see the Dr to get oral antibiotics but the Dr is out sick today”. One really cool thing about medicine in Costa Rica is you don’t need a prescription for some medicines you would in the states like lidocaine and topical antibiotics.

 All of the staff was incredibly friendly, Tony who checked us in and sent us a bottle of champagne, Morgan and Wilberth who waited on us for breakfast lunch and dinner and the saints at the swim up bar, Fiona and Elias. On our last night we ate at the Pizza bistro again and got prosciutto melon salad, chili guarros (like little spicy bloody Mary’s made with the local sugar cane liquor) and gluten free pasta and gluten full pizza. Next in our routine is sangria and live music in the covered roof bar on the other side of the pool. Tonight another storm came blowing rain in sideways and tipping over chairs. We covered up with pillows from the patio furniture. The guitarist casually covered his equipment with pillows too and the staff handed out warm towels. It lasted only a few minutes and then the guitarist began to play again. Chelsey slept though most of this which to anyone that knows us won’t be surprised. This was the most exciting moment of the last few days and 95% of it has just been relaxing. Tomorrow we pack, get one more chili guarro and make the 5-6 hour drive to Quepos.